Europe, the hometown of golf, finds Korean simulators “wonderful”

Sakagami Akira(77), living in Osaka, Japan, is very interested in Korean screen golf. Akira, who helped Korean related works and visited Korea even after his retirement, became interested in Korean screen golf simulators which he recently experienced, and started planning the its application with café business. Interest in Korean screen golf simulators by foreigners are alarming. Even until recently, the interest on Korean screen golf was limited to the South East Asian market. However, nowadays, foreigners from Japan, U.S., and Europe are starting to view Korean screen golf simulators with a different view. The first company to be interested in globalizing screen golf was Golf Zone. This January, Golf Zone, which recently strengthened its global marketing for the Europe and U.S. markets which are the largest market in the world, has entered a 3 year contract with the LPGA to become its official simulator. Also, on July, Golf Zone has caught the eyes of the global market by establishing a Golf Zone Driving Range(GDR), golf practice simulator, and vision golf simulator booth in the 144th The Open Championship. Maum Golf, a company that provides a tee-up vision screen golf service, entered a contract to provide a U.S. company, Vgolf, 300 units of tee-up vision facility. With this contract, Maum Golf was able to market itself and the excellent technology of Korean screen golf by setting up tee-up vision at luxury hotels in Las Vagas.