A Beautiful golf course in Georgia U.S.

Augusta National (Located at Augusta, Georgia U.S.)
It is a golf course known for hosting the Masters each year. U.S. golfer, Bobby Jones, and investor, Clifford Roberts, purchase the farmland and built the course in 1933 with Alister Mackenzie’s design.
While the Augusta National Golf Course is known as the best course in Georgia, it is also criticized for being overly exclusive. The Augusta National Golf Course is unique as each hole has a special story to it. The Eisenhower Pine near the 17th hole is named after a tee-shot incident by then president Eisenhower. The stone bridge, the Nelson Bridge, across the creek on the 13th hole, is named after Byron Nelson who have shown excellent performance at the Masters. The 11th hole to the 13th hole is called the Amen Course for being a series of difficult courses. However, in reality, it originated from Arnold Palmer speaking out amen after the penalty stroke from was marked out with the application of the local rule. Another special feature is that unlike other major tours, the Masters are only held only here.